In the last few years, I have concentrated on printmaking using lino. Most of my prints are small scale, some as small as 10 cm square. I use the reduction method in which the block is progressively cut away as I add the darker tones. I have recently started some multi-block prints.

gallery/houghton bird orange cropped
gallery/blue houghton bird
gallery/pink houghton bird

Houghton Bird in Orange, Blue and Pink, 2019. 10 x 10 cm

Based on Chinese wallpaper at Houghton Hall, Norfolk

gallery/mistle thrush
gallery/green thrush

Variations on Mistle Thrush , 2019, 10 x 10 cm

gallery/pale blue thrush
gallery/egret print

Little Egret on the Marsh, reduction print, 2016, 10 x 10 cm